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Alvaro De Angelis


ID: 28777352 / Professional license 130736


Universidad de Medicina of Buenos Aires

2002-2007 Medical doctor Title, Diploma of Honor, average 8.8o

Residence in Psychiatry University of the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires

2007-2010 Specialization course in Psychiatry University of the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires. average 8.50 Medical Psychotherapist candidate APA

2011-2015 Diploma in Insomnia Austral University

2015 Postgraduate Psychopharmacology at the Association Neuropsychiatric Argentina

2016. Postgraduate Psychopharmacology at the University of Buenos Aires

2016. Master in Medicinal Marijuana, Israel Institute of Technology

2019-2020. Master Neurohawking Cerebral, Alabama University 2019-2020


Coordination in Mental Health External Offices, Hospital Italiano 2010-2014
Attention External Consulting - Hospital Italiano - 2010-2014
Home Care Hospital Italiano - 2010-2014
Emergency Care - Medicus 2010-2011
Treatment Coordination - Hospital de Dia ngo Suma Buenos Aires 2012-2015
Outpatient Care - Suma Buenos Aires 2015-2017
Emergency Coordination - Hospital Italiano 2015-2020


First Prize for the best poster presented at the National Congress of Psychiatry, Mar del Plata

2009 First Award A.P.A candidates “May the doctor continue being human” 2014


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Gala Risso


ID 60781

Professional Experience:

April 2020 – Today: Psychologist at Day Hospital service Mafalda for children with autism spectrum disorders (Hospital Teodoro Álvarez).

August 2016 – March 2020: Psychologist at the Child and Teenagers Psychology service in “Centro de Salud Mental N°3 Dr. Arturo Ameghino “. In charge of patients admissions and treatments.

2016 – Today: Private Psychologist in Palermo (Buenos Aires).

Teaching experience:

April 2020 - Today: Assistant Professor at Course “Psychoanalysis applied to an institution and current ways of presentation” in Fundación Causa Clínica, also responsible for admission interviews to new patients.

Academic Studies:

2020: Postgraduate course “Adolescent’s ethics: elements for our clinic” Hospital Teodoro Álvarez

2020: Postgraduate course “Clinical approach to autism and psychosis in a public institution” Hospital Teodoro Álvarez.

2020: Annual Seminar of the Freudian School of Buenos Aires “Parents and teenagers of this current times”.

2019: Annual Seminar of the Freudian School of Buenos Aires “Consumer habits in children, What do we psychologists said to the real of our time?” .

2018–2019: Postgraduate course on psychoanalysis with clinical practice at Fundación Causa Clínica. (2 years)

2017–2019: Postgraduate course on psychoanalysis in Centro de Salud Mental NN°3 "Dr. Arturo Ameghino”. (3 years – 300hrs)

2005– 2013: Psychology degree. Universidad de Buenos Aires.


Exposition at the XII Argentinian Mental Health Congress - October 6th to 10th 2020, Buenos Aires Argentina. Chapter: creation, subjectivity and social bond: facing physical isolation, subjectivityAustism in the public sphere. Challenges of Psychoanalysis in times of Covid 19.


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Liza Murlender



ID 70026

Psychology degree (Psychologist title with honors; Average 8.7/10) – University of Buenos Aires (2011-2017)

Sex Education Diploma – University of San Martin (2020)

Professor in Psychology – University of Buenos Aires (2020-2021)



Clinical psychoanalisis for Adults – Centro Dos (2020)

Gender and Psychoanalisis – Institución Fernando Ulloa (2020)

Gender Course – University of Buenos Aires (2020)

Senior Adults with Gender perspective – Red de Psicólogxs Feministas (2020)

Therapeutic approaches in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Third Wave therapies: clinical orientation – Proyecto Suma (2019)

Gender and Mental Health – Proyecto Suma (2019)

Seminar in Sex Educaction for children, teenagers and families - University of Buenos Aires (2019)

Beginnings of professional practice – Asociación Escuela Argentina de Psicoterapia para Graduados (2018)




“Neighborhood integration of ex-patients from psychiatric institutions”: assistant researcher of the Scientific and Technological Research Project directed by Dr. Sara Ardila Gómez (2017-2021)

“Human Rights in Senior Adults”: Assistant researcher of the UBANEX Project based at the “Hogar San Martin” Residency at Buenos Aires City (2017-2018)

Ethics and Films Online Congress (2018): "El Dev-enir millenial" ("Becoming millenial")

"Intersecciones Psi" Journal , 7 (24) (2017):  "Big Data y Burbujas de Filtro: la información en juego" ("Big data & Filter Bubbles: information at stake")

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Maria De Angelis



ID 35378205


2015-Today - Mental Health Contractor at Medicus: Member of the neurocognitive rehabilitation team, group therapies, neurocognitive assessments, planning and coordination of treatments for patients.
2016-Today - Expert reports at Perito Oficial de Justicia Federal
2015-Today - Psychologist in charge of patients admissions and treatments at Causa Clinica
2015-2020 - Psychologist at Hospital Dr. Ignacio Pirovano
2012-Today - Private psychologist in Belgrano and Recoleta
2012-2015 - Cognitive rehabilitation and behavioral therapy at Pequeño mundo
2013-2015 - Psychologist at CIEP (Derivation Center for the Hospital Italiano)
2013-2015 - Psychotechnical employee assessments for Deloitte and Alcea
2013-2015 - Psychotherapeutic care at Centro Médico Prosam
2013-2014 - Psychotechnical employee assessments for Humanis Consulting
2011-2012 - Psychotherapeutic care at Centro Dos
2008–2010 "Psychosocial rehabilitation in shared spaces”, Servicio N° 74 at Hospital José T. Borda
2007 Acompañante Terapéutico at ABC LOCURA.



Postgraduate Course in Evaluation and Treatment Techniques, universidad Favoloro (2017)
Master Degree in Specialisation and Training in Psychoanalysis, Instituto Clínico de Buenos Aires, Escuela
Lacanian orientation (2012/2014)
Postgraduate Course in Specialisation and Training in Psychoanalysis, Centro Dos (2011-2012)


2019 Refresher Course Therapy for couples and families, Fundación Causa Clínica
2018-19 Refresher Course in Subjectivity and Gender, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)
2018 The limits of therapy - About differential diagnosis, Fundación Causa Clínica
2017-2019 Training in specialized Clinical Psychology with Psychoanalytic Orientation, UBA
2016-2017 Training in Therapy for couples and families, Fundación Causa Clínica
2015 Intensive Course in Cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation for the elderly, NeuroPsic
2015 Seminar in Dementia, Hospital Dr. Ignacio Pirovano
2014 Analytical Practice with children and teenagers, Hospital Dr. Teodoro Álvarez
2014 Psychologist training in focused psychotherapies and short-term processes oriented to health care insurances and prepaid health systems, Centro Estudios en Psicoterapias
2014 Refreshing Course in Dementias and Alzheimer disease, Asociación Neuropsiquiatrica Argentina
2013-2015 Rehabilitation and Treatment in infantile and juvenile neuropsychology. Cognitive and educational approach to attention problems and executive functions, Hospital T. Álvarez
2013-2015 Course in Psychopathology, Centro Medico Prosam
2013 Freud y Lacan: key concepts and therapy, Associación Psicoanalitica de Buenos Aires
2013 Training in Anxiety, depression and somatization: crossroads of psychiatry, psychoanalysis and medicine, Hospital Dr. Teodoro Álvarez
2012 Training in Psychopharmacology, Hospital Dr. T. Álvarez

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Matías Guañabens



ID 84367


Professional Experience:


2013 - 2020  Clinical Psychologist

2018 - Coordinator of philosophical workshops, with “Grupo El Pensadero” in Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

2018 - Clinical courses to school teachers, in Escuela de Maestros, in Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

2014 – 2015  Psychotherapy in Centro de Salud Mental No1 “Dr. Hugo Rosarios",

2013- 2015  Coordination of therapeutic groups, in Hospital Jose T. Borda

2014 Clinical Care in a Therapeutic community, at Tempora


Academic training:


2019 - 2020 Research and clinical workshop, with Proyecto Psicoanálisis

2018 – 2019 - Postgraduate course on psychoanalysis  in Fundación Tiempo

2015 - 2017 - Specialty Career in psychological prevention and assistance in childhood, in  Universidad de Buenos Aires

2015 - Annual course in  Autistic spectrum disorder, in Instituto Universitario del Hospital Italiano

2014 - 2015 - Professional and investigation internship in psychoanalysis, in Centro de Salud Mental No1 “Dr. Hugo Rosarios”, 

2014 - Regular course in Instituto Clínico de Buenos Aires(ICdeBA)

2013 – 2014 - Postgraduate course on psychoanalysis  in Fundación Buenos Aires

2013  - Postgraduate course on psychoanalysis in Hospital de emergencias psiquiátricas Torcuato de Alvear 

2013- Postgraduate course in Hospital Alvarez

2006 – 2012 - Degree in Psychology, Universidad de Buenos Aires

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Nahuel Gaviño



ID 35378205



2015-2020: Psychologist at Hospital de Emergencias Psiquiátricas Torcuato de Alvear.
2015-Today: Private practice psychologist.

2019-2020: HR Leader at RE/MAX Argentina.

2018-Today: Freelance Contractor HR Recruiter and Consultant.
2016-2018: Psychologist at Ministerio de Desarrollo Social – Buenos Aires: Assisted and followed up on gender issues, childhood, interfamily violence, mental health (anxiety, depression), social development and addictions. Provided professional counseling for clients. Offered and provided therapy treatments.

2016-2018: Psychologist at CERMI Salud.
2015-2018: Psychotherapeutic care at Galeno / Equipo Puentes.
2014-2015: Psychotherapeutic care at INECO.



2010-2014: BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY, UNIVERSIDAD DE BUENOS AIRES. GPA: 7.82.                                                                                                 
2018-2020: Master Degree in Specialisation and Training in Psychoanalysis, Universidad de Buenos Aires. GPA: 8.80.


2019: Seminar in Recruitment and Talent Acquision, Universidad de Buenos Aires.                                                                                                                2019: Annual Conference: Hospital Francisco Santojanni.

2019: Refresher Course in Psychopharmacology, Hospital Francisco Santojanni.                                                               2019: Training in Psychotechnical tests administration, Hospital Francisco Santojanni.                                                                                                               2018: Course “Communication, leadership and team management”, Ministerio de Salud.                                                                                                           2018: Course in Subjectivity and Gender, CESAC 29.

2018: Annual Conference: Hospital Torcuato de Alvear.
2018: Seminar “Sexuality, sexation”, Hospital Francisco Santojanni.

2017: Annual Conference, Hospital Torcuato de Alvear.
2016: Course in Psychopathology, Hospital Torcuato de Alvear.

2016: Course in Group Therapies, Hospital Torcuato de Alvear.
2015: Seminar “Emergency interventions”, Hospital Torcuato de Alvear.
2015: Seminar “Hate in psychoanalysis”, Hospital Torcuato de Alvear.
2015: Training in Psychopharmacology, Hospital Torcuato de Alvear.            

2014: Seminar in Subjectivity and Gender, Universidad de Buenos Aires.

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