Work with us

Our institution calls for psychologists / psychiatrists / counsellors who are passionate about their profession, who can interact with patients through an online platform and achieve positive results as if they were on face-to-face environment.

Requirements to apply:

  • Degree in psychology / psychiatry / counselling
  • Minimum of three years of clinical experience
  • Bilingual in Spanish is a plus
  • You need to have a clean and tidy physical space
  • You must have videoconferencing tools (laptop/pc plus wifi services)
  • You may have to answer text messages and perhaps after-hours calls in case of emergency
  • You need to keep a written record after each consultation to share with our medical directors
  • Be available for case review once a month
  • Experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We offer a commission based compensation.

We also provide support and guidance through a team of medical directors that carefully review and help follow up on all clinical cases through regular online meetings

For more info send us an email to

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