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- Situation Diagnosis: Allows you to understand how your employees are feeling:
Irascible, anxious, having sleep disorders? Others..

WELLNESS EVALUATION is prepared and sent by email. It is Anonymous and self paced. When completed, it is sent to the Count On Me Team.

The Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) is a hetero-applied scale designed to be used in patients previously diagnosed with depression, with the aim of quantitatively assess the severity of symptoms and evaluate changes in the depressed patient. It is gauged with the information gathered during the clinical interview and accepts complementary information from other secondary sources.
SCL 90 R: This inventory has been developed to evaluate patterns of symptoms present in individuals and can be used in both group and clinical diagnostic tasks. Each of the 90 items that make it up are answered on the basis of a five-point scale (0-4). It is evaluated and interpreted based on nine primary dimensions and three global indices of psychological distress.
- Data analysis and staging.
Offers individual treatment plan for those who require it, or group sessions.
- Statistical monitoring with scales. Offers a report on the extent and severity of the problems detected.
- Individual and Group Treatments.

We offer special taylor made corporate programs.

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- Hamilton Scale
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